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Kingfisher Care - providing care designed around you and your needs.

About Kingfisher Care


Mission Statement 

Kingfisher Care contributes to the development of a caring society by being a leading provider of care and support. Our services have a positive impact on everyone by promoting independent living in the community. 



The key objectives of our service are as follows: 

  • To deliver a high quality service that promotes and improves quality of life; 

  • To deliver a service that is tailored to the needs and aspirations of each client; 

  • To respect the clients right to individuality, independence, privacy, and dignity; 

  • To uphold the clients’ rights to make informed choices and to take risks; 

  • To ensure that each clients’ needs and values are respected in matters of religion, culture, race, ethnicity, politics, sexuality and disability or impairment; 

  • To ensure that our services are managed and developed in accordance with client needs and preferences; 

  • To work in partnership with clients, carers, and all relevant agencies; 

  • To ensure that all staff are competent, responsible and trained to undertake the activities for which they are employed; 

  • To comply with all relevant statutory requirements for the provision of care services. 


Philosophy of Care 


We believe that compassion and care for the vulnerable people with whom we work with should form the basis of our practice.


Our ongoing philosophy is to provide each client with a quality service which is tailored to their individual needs and which encourages emotional and social wellbeing. In doing so, our primary goal is to empower clients to gain and maintain as much independence in their lives as possible, to maximise their capacity to make choices and decisions, and to enable them to control their own lives. 

We believe that this goal can only be achieved by developing positive and meaningful relationships that respect individuality and diversity, and that respect the whole person. 

We respect our clients by placing authority into the hands of the client or into the hands of those closest to them. The basic premise of our service delivery is that each employee has a responsibility to deliver meaningful care and support to our clients. We achieve this through open, respectful and empathetic communications that are sensitive and responsive to individual needs and life stories. In this way the client is the central focus. 

Kingfisher Care Values 


Our values reflect our commitment to the provision of progressive, person centred care. They are as follows: 

I     Integrity              The ability to do my job reliably and honestly. 
C   Commitment       The ability to do my job with dedication and loyalty. 
A    Accountability    The ability to do my job with ownership and responsibility. 
R    Respect              The ability to do my job with dignity and to value everyone I interact with. 
E    Enthusiasm         The ability to do my job with passion and creativity. 

"All Carers have been brilliant and I like them all. They are the best Carers I have ever had. Thank you."

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