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Find out what our Service Users and their families say about Kingfisher Care:
All comments have been received in writing and are proudly kept by Kingfisher Care.

"...will be forever grateful for what you did for our mum..." Dec 2020

"I wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication shown by all staff of Kingfisher Care Midlands, it has been a very challenging year on so many levels for all of us. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a commitment to keep both my father and staff safe. My father has continued to receive excellent care, by friendly and caring staff." Dec 2020

"I turned to Kingfishers in Hinckley last November 2019, desperate to find some decent home care for my mum and dad and was so reassured by a kind warm Kingfisher voice on the phone that there was a way to provide proper care for them at a time, when they were really becoming quite immobilised and unable to cope with daily tasks.

Kingfishers have been wonderful throughout mum and dad’s last difficult year together. They gave me such peace of mind (and I had been so worried about mum and dad on their own in the house) , and I realised they were in very good hands . All the team have been great, without exception and showed that they really did care, and would go above and beyond to ensure that adequate help was given, no matter what the situation. Mum loved the daily company and chats and looked forward to the visits. Even dad, who was gruff and suspicious to start with, grew to really like the team and depend on each visit. He had refused care for a while , a very common thing with the elderly when they just don’t want to accept /admit they need help ) but Kingfishers achieved what I thought was the impossible, and found a magical way to gently persuade and convince him that it was a good thing to have a bit of help at home. It’s a big step for the elderly to let strangers into their home and Kingfishers made it a very smooth transition, gradually increasing the care when needed and trust had been built up.

There were various adventures, and escapades, difficult days, where mum and dad both had a fall or two, or needed urgent attention from a doctor, all of which is inevitable at their ripe old age , but each time , Kingfishers were there , on it very quickly and fetched appropriate help . They gave advice about each stage, when hospital equipment was needed, Kate always made sure that the right people were chased up swiftly and firmly (no –one messes with Kate! ) to get a result , and I knew they would always find the best way forward for mum and dad . I was impressed at the good communication also with myself to always give me updates, and information as to what was going on. Whenever I went to stay with my parents, I could see the carers in action, giving of their best and cheering mum and dad up each day with their positive attitudes and attention to their needs. Always with a sense of humour as well which is just what the elderly need! And all this through difficult Covid times as well , Kingfishers rolled with it and found a way to keep delivering their excellent service.

It’s a difficult job, but it’s not a job you do if your heart isn’t in it, and all the Kingfisher team are dedicated, compassionate people who understand the needs of the elderly, and gently give the help they need. They really understand old people and what they are going through.

They have made mum and dads last year so much more bearable, enjoyable and given them the security they needed at a time when they felt so vulnerable. They made such a difference to their lives.

In short, I cannot recommend them highly enough and will always sing their praises to friends or anyone who is thinking of using their services. I don’t know if all home care agencies could be this good, but Kingfishers set the standards very high for all the rest! Many, many thanks for all you did for mum and dad." Nov 2020

"Thank you for a first rate and friendly service..." 2020

"Excellent service…" 2020


"...Excellent…" 2020

"Fantastic, reliable, caring and responsive service and staff" 2020

"I have nothing but admiration for the Carers who have looked after me with such skill" 2020

"…. Gives me confidence that he is safe and cared for well." 2019

"All Carers have been brilliant and I like them all. They are the best Carers I have ever had. Thank you." 2019

"Excellent service always given." 2019

"… Would recommend Kingfisher Care as a caring company" 2019

"… I love my carer she is great and goes out of the way to help me. … I have nothing but praise for them and the work they do." 2019

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